10 Horror Movies To Watch While Quarantined

Here's the top 10 films of all time about viral outbreaks. You know, if you're into watching that sort of thing while being quarantined for coronavirus.

  1. Contagion (Available on Amazon Prime)
  2. Outbreak (Available on Netflix)
  3. 28 Days Later (Available on Hulu)
  4. World War Z (Available on Amazon Prime)
  5. Train To Busan (Available on Netflix)
  6. The Last Man On Earth/The Omega Man/I Am Legend (Available on Amazon Prime)
  7. The 'Resident Evil' Series (There's 6 movies here so that will kill some time)
  8. The Andromeda Strain (Available on Amazon Prime)
  9. Panic In The Streets (Available on Amazon Prime)
  10. Stephen King's The Stand (Available on YouTube)

Source: Decider

Photo: Getty Images