Tipsy Jenga Game Has Jello Shots Hidden In Blocks

This new giant tipsy jenga-like game is exactly what we need for spring break,weekend bbqs, and summer!

The giant block tower looks very similar to classic Jenga and the rules are basically the same! You push and pull blocks out and pray that the whole tower doesn't come crashing down in the process. However, to kick it up a notch, this version has hidden jello shots inside random blocks.

Obviously, if you pull a block with a hidden jello shot, you have to take it! I personally would want to play just to see how fast everyone gets drunk and the tower crashes down. I imagine after a couple rounds, games will get faster and faster.

We have seen these Giant Jello Shot Towers for sale on Etsy between $70-$100 or if you're handy, we found the video below on how to build your own shot glass "Jenga".

What do you think? Do you want one? Would you play with jello shots or regular shots?

Source: Oddity Mall

Photo: Getty Images

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