Starbucks Barista Shares Ridiculously Insane Customer Order

Do you REALLY need 13 special things done to your damn coffee drink?

Disclaimer: None of us on this show drink coffee. That said, we know a lot of people DO enjoy the beverage. It is well understood that coffee drinkers prefer things certain way. If you opt to buy your coffee and someone else prepares the order, you convey your preference to them, right? Again, this is coming from non-coffee drinkers, but is there a 'line' to be drawn when you reach 'too many' special requests for how you want your coffee prepared? Recently a Starbucks barista shared what really seems like an order with shall we say, 'excessive' special requests. I don't know what a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino is, but it seems like there's a lot going on already with this drink. Does a customer need THIRTEEN special preparation commands so the barista will get it 'just right'? Come on man... For more and for pictures of the actual order receipt: CLICK HERE