West Palm Woman Charged With Harassing, Stalking Former Boss

Brygida Trzaska

Brygida Trzaska

A West Palm Beach woman might want help with her job-hunting skills -- since she ended up in jail for repeatedly stalking a former boss in a bizarre attempt to get rehired.

Brygida Trzaska was taken into custody after her ex-employer reported that she was subjected to hundreds of e-mails and phone calls. He even found Trzaska loitering outside her home to ask for another shot at her old gig.

The 45-year-old, who was fired last year in a dispute over vacation and sick time, continued to send letters and leave gifts at the supervisor's home - even after cops warned her to back off.

Cops issued a second warning after the victim said Trzaska had been following her while she was doing errands, but that didn't help.

In fact, investigators found that Trzaska called the victim 339 times between December 14th and January 28th. She now faces felony charges.

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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