Florida Homeowners Find Giant Gator In Their Garage

Alligator In Garage

Alligator In Garage

How would you react to this sight in your house? A family in North Port, FL went into their garage to find this 7-foot gator trying to catch a ride!

They called the North Port Police for help in getting the large dude out of their house. The police then posted these photos in a tweet with the caption,

"Wallet: Check! Keys: Check! Phone: Check! Alligator: Check! Let's go honey. Wait... what? One local resident on Hobblebrush Drive in North Port had a seven footer trying to catch a ride this afternoon. We got the confused Alligator mississippiensis back into the nearby canal. C-ya later #alligator!"

You'll be happy to know that the lost alligator was safely guided back to his nearby canal.

Source: CBS 12

Photo: North Port Police

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