Sexually Explicit Snapchats Being Sent To Treasure Coast Students

The Martin County Sheriff's Office reported that multiple middle school students on the Treasure Coast have been receiving anonymous messages and sexually explicit videos on Snapchat. As of right now, the Sheriff's department does not know whether this is another student playing a prank or is a predator trying to seek their pray. However, they are actively seeking out those responsible.

Lt Ryan Grimsdale says this took place on Friday and started again during the weekend. He shared that students first receive a Snapchat invitation from someone they do not know.

Then shortly after, they start receiving explicit videos, photographs, and messages. Despite deleting the messages, the sender keeps trying to communicate with the users. Even after deleting the sender, the students found that whoever it is keeps trying to add them back.

The biggest concern for investigators is that users can see each other's locations on the Snapchat app. This is extremely dangerous as the sheriff's office does not know the intentions of whoever keeps harassing these kids.

Parents are urged to talk to their children and make sure they did not receive these Snapchats. If any other students are targeted in this way, they are asked to notify their school resource deputy or report the activity through the free Fortify Florida App.

You can get more info on this from the Martin County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page.

Source: WPTV, Martin County Sheriff's Office

Photo: Getty Images

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