Pub 'Ghost' Moves Chair At Table Where Woman Is Sitting

A security camera from a pub in Wales captured the moment a chair seemingly moved on its own, and many believe the site's resident ghost was behind the bizarre incident.

According to reports, the strange event happened earlier this summer at the Lansdowne Pub in the city of Cardiff. The pub manager, Hayley Budd, was sitting at a table, looking at her cell phone, when a chair positioned across from her slid forward and tucked itself under the table.

Budd caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and heard the chair as it slid across the floor. She looks around in an attempt to figure out what just happened.

Recalling the mysterious moment, the Budd said, "in the video, you can see me looking to see if it was something in my bag that had moved. Then I was trying to tell myself that maybe it was the wind."

Budd tried to recreate the event "so many times, but there's no logical explanation" for what happened.

According to pub regulars, the chair was moved by 'Lady Lansdowne,' the establishment's resident ghost.

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