VIDEO: Ghost Filmed At British Pub

A security camera from a pub in England captured an odd anomaly that the workers feel could be a ghost.

The eerie video was filmed at the Twa Dogs Inn last week after the bar was closed. Sharon Hankin, who is a longtime employee of the pub, was checking the CCTV feed and noticed a pair of glowing and connected orbs lurking around the outdoor beer garden.

According to Hankin, "you can see the outline of a body and it looks like it's got a head and legs and at the end, you can see an arm swinging."

Hankin called the pub owner, Peter Harding, to investigate the odd situation. Harding arrived at the pub, looked around the beer garden, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

According to reports, the Twa Dogs Inn has a resident ghost that many say lurks around the establishment.

Photo: Getty Images