Jameson Will Pay You To Skip Work On St. Patrick's Day

Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a brand new campaign that could result in them having to pay you for skipping work on St. Patrick's Day.

According to reports, the majority of Americans haven't taken their vacation days since the start of the pandemic. So, Jameson has decided to kick off their “St. Patrick’s Day Time Off”, or SPTO, campaign and wants people to cash in one of their used PTO days on the Irish holiday.

Jameson has lots of cool ways to enjoy the holiday at home, releasing cocktail recipesZoom backgroundscustom OOO email replies, and various home entertainment kits.

That evening, Jameson will even host a live-streamed concert with talented musicians.

Anyone who takes March 17th off can enter a drawing for 1,000 prize packages, which includes $50 to make up for St. Patrick's Day expenses.

If you are able to take the day off from work, this is as good a day as ever to take it.

Photo: Getty Images