Lizzie Borden 'Murder House' Now For Sale

The site of an infamous double ax murder that captured the country's attention in the late 1800s has gone on the market in Massachusetts.

It's located in the community of Fall River and was where Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally killed in 1892 - which sparked the murder trial of their daughter, Lizzie Borden.

These days, the house became a bed and breakfast as well as a tourist attraction featuring guided tours... but now, this house could be yours because it's up for sale!

According to a report, the house went on the market yesterday with an asking price of $2 million - which includes the fully-furnished home itself, along with the business as well as trademarks and intellectual rights surrounding the notorious case.

Described as "an unbelievable opportunity to own and operate one of New England's top tourist attractions," the listing would seem to be targeted towards potential owners who will keep the popular site running rather than buyers who might wish to purchase the historic home for themselves alone.

Interested? The video below gives you a look inside the home. Spooky, spooky!

Photo: YouTube