Dennis DeYoung Of STYX W/ Tom Morello "Last Guitar Hero"

Dennis DeYoung, the founder and original voice of STYX, is ready to hang it up. He's going out in a BLAZE of glory against the music industry starting with the lead track from 26 East, Vol. 2 on June 11th.

Some of the lyrics include “corporate parasites living off the blood of the creators” and asks, “Is there a place for you and me beyond the lure of technology?” Tom Morello is ready to help light the wick.

Tom recently tweeted out “When Dennis DeYoung (the singer of STYX) sheepishly approached me about playing a shredding solo on his song 'The Last Guitar Hero' with the attitude ‘Hi Tom, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with my music but…’ I said, “Stop right there!!,” “EVERY single time I’m in my hometown I PACK the jukebox at the local bar with those great Styx songs all night long! Man Of Miracles? Renegade? Suite Madam Blue? Mr. Mother Flippin’ Roboto?! Fellow Illinois rocker, it would be an honor.”

Pretty freakin cool! Enjoy the lyric video below.

photo: getty images