The Secret Way To Mute That Loud, Annoying Screen At The Gas Pump

Any car owner knows that having to fill up your gas tank can be pretty annoying. It's a chore to have to go to the gas station, wait for a pump and then stand there as your car fills up. However, one thing that makes it ten times worse is that screen on the pump that blasts commercials and other content you probably don't want to hear. Unfortunately, you are subjected to it until your tank is full. It turns out though that you don't actually have to listen to the TV - one customer in Texas figured out how to mute it.

That man shared his discovery on Reddit, and then spoke to about it. He explained what happened, saying, "I was trying to press the button to bring up the 'Print Receipt?' screen and I hit the mute button by mistake. The volume on the ad shut off and I didn't know if it was because I had pressed the [button] or because I was finished pumping." His next trip to the pump he tested it out and it immediately muted the ads.

He chose to share his discovery, stating, "I figured that [if] the ads startled or annoyed me, then I couldn't be the only one who would make use of that hidden mute button." So how do you mute? Just push the second button down on the right side of the screen.

Commenters praised him for sharing his huge find. One person wrote, "The hero we deserve," while another said, "Wow, I love you so much."

Best of all, the mute button seems to be universal, with many people saying they've tried it at all different types of gas stations and it works at each one.

Photo: Getty Images