Police Officers Catch 5-Year-Old Who Fell From Third Floor Balcony (VIDEO)


Three Egyptian police officers are being hailed as heroes after their quick reactions saved the life of a young boy who came tumbling off a third-floor balcony. The dramatic CCTV footage shows the officers trying to grab a blanket to catch the boy before realizing they do not have enough time. 

The officers drop the blanket and one puts out his arms as the boy comes falling toward him. The boy lands in his arm, knocking him to the ground. Miraculously, the boy was unharmed. The officer who caught him was taken to the hospital and was treated for minor injuries.

The quick-thinking officers were honored by regional governor, Yasser El-Desouky and their heroic actions earned them a financial reward.

The boy's family said they were attending a party, when the young boy, who suffers from a brain condition, climbed onto a table which toppled. They said nobody noticed the boy had fallen and were shocked when police came up to the apartment. 


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