Girl Discovers Her Dad Isn't Her Father In Front Of Her Science Class

One girl learned a hard lesson in heredity during her science class when an assignment revealed that the man she thought was her dad actually wasn't. A student who witnessed the shocking story tweeted the whole thing out to the world.


The biology lecture started innocently enough, with students working on a Punnett Square - a diagram that predicts the likelihood of certain traits, in this case blood type, being passed down.  

The girl was having trouble with hers since her dad is type O and her mom is type A but she is AB, which the professor said wasn't possible. 


The teacher was sure that there was a mistake somewhere so he told her to double check with her parents, and that caused a 21-year-old lie to be revealed, as the student tweeting it all out explained:


Who knew that much drama could come from a science class? 

It's probably best for teachers to use made-up data when doing Punnett Squares. 

Photo Credit: Getty, Wikipedia


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