The ART of Jerry Garcia comes back to LIFE!

The Art Of Jerry Garcia tells stories!

New Jerry Garcia Stories Uncovered Through Digitized Art Collection: 

In addition to his exploits as a musical icon, late Jerry Garcia was a prolific visual artist and painter, creating countless works of art over the years. However, as is the nature of fine art, it can only be appreciated to the extent that it can be accessed, and up until recently, many of Garcia’s works sat in storage, unseen by the public eye. That is until recently, when StraxArt, a technology company that specializes in digitizing works of fine art in order to preserve the pieces and make them available to masses, linked up with Jerry’s daughter, Trixie Garcia. One of the first major artists’ estates to sign on with Strax’s unique fine art digitization process protocol was that of Garcia, best known as the late lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead. In an effort spearheaded by Trixie, Strax assisted with the digitization of Jerry’s vast collection of original works, many of which had never been displayed.

Read into it what you will, I'm Grateful these works from Jerry are getting looked at in a new perspective that only time and his kin could provide. Andy       Click here to enter Jerry's Art World!                          

And for more of the story, the artwork and video from our friends at Live For Live Music  Click here.                             Thanks for stopping by Andy Preston

Jerry Garcia and Andy Preston Scuba Diving off Waikiki 5/12/90


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