For Our Lake Worth friends, the latest Irma news

hurricane time map

From: The City of Lake Worth Friday morning.

Lake Worth is now under a Hurricane warning which means the threat of a hurricane is imminent. It is time for residents in evacuation zone A or B to be ready to leave, a mandatory evacuation will begin at 10am. Those in zone C have a voluntary evacuation at this time. The closest shelters to Lake Worth are John I Leonard and Forest Hill High School and all county shelters will open at 10am. The City does not operate any shelters and no municipal buildings will reopen until after the storm. Remember we evacuate from water, if you are in an area prone to flooding and in one of the evacuation categories please make your way to the nearest shelter or to a family or friend's house. Remember when asked to evacuate, evacuate miles not hundreds of miles. If you go too far you will struggle to return following the storm and travel out of Florida is getting more difficult with the roads becoming congested.For those who are not evacuating, today get final supplies and prepare for the weekend ahead. If you still have to secure your house now is the time. Bring in all loose outdoor items and begin your final checks. It is possible that curfews will go into effect tomorrow so do not plan on travelling or going shopping after today.As the City follows the County lead we encourage you to download and install the PBC Dart app. The Palm Beach County DART app will help you stay up to date with the County before, during and after the storm. Android - IOS - All Xfinity hotspots have been opened and made free to the public until after the storm so just look for an xfinity wifi hotspot and connect if needed.As we go into the storm please remember that State, County and City Emergency officials do not issue any orders lightly, whether a curfew or evacuation order. We understand that these can sometimes be frustrating especially when it may seem like the danger hasn't arrived or has passed but there can be many reasons for the order to be given. The logistics of keeping all residents safe are extremely complex and officials will err on the side of caution as minor inconvenience is better than death. Please follow all safety orders when given and remember that we all want the same thing... life to return to normal, which it will if we work together.City staff have been working hard to prepare the City in case the storm is to hit Lake Worth. You can expect multiple information releases to come from the City over the next week. If you haven't already please follow the City on Twitter (@LakeWorthPBC & @LakeWorthCasino).Together we can make it through whatever comes our way, we are Lake Worth!


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