UPDATE: you have to download it now.  I did, I've been using it, and it's still not evil.  Oh yeah, while going through the set up, YOU can either agree or disagree to the different things everyone seems to have an issue with! 


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You may have noticed that in order to read messages from someone on your mobile device’s Facebook App, you now need a separate app called Facebook Messenger.

Messenger has actually been around for a while, but over the past few weeks, when you checked your messages, you got a warning that you would one day have to download the Messenger App.

At the time I started writing this, it appeared that that day had finally come…and just like that it seems to have vanished.

So what WAS the big deal? Well somewhere along the way, somebody actually read the “Terms of Service" of the Messenger App, and there have been all kinds of stories floating around on the interwebs about how “evil” they are. Why? Because of all the personal data the app can have access to, if you give it permission.

Here’s the thing: most of the apps you download have to access various functions and personal data on your device to work properly. Think about it: The Instagram App won’t work without access to your camera. Vine needs access to your camera and your microphone. They both also access your location.

My question is this: WHO actually reads the "Terms of Service" or “Terms and Conditions” for any app they download? Nobody, including myself, has time for that. I probably signed my life away to Apple when I agreed to their “Terms and Conditions,” but I DON’T CARE because I had to do it for my iPhone to work!!

I also did not have time to read the “Terms of Service” for the regular Facebook App, but I’m guessing by agreeing to them, I probably have already agreed to most of the stuff that’s in the Messenger App “Terms of Service.”

All that being said, it apparently doesn’t even matter anymore. As I sat here writing this blog post, I got a Facebook Message from someone….wait for it….IN THE REGULAR FACEBOOK APP!!!

Maybe Facebook read that Huffington Post Article and they got scared, too. Probably not, but it is fun to think that way. Of course next week we might have to go through this whole process again, but in the meantime, you can rest easy knowing that you can still use the regular Facebook App for messages. 

I think this also needs to be pointed out.  Believe it or not, a lot of people have been using the Messenger App for a while and actually like it.

I tend to worry about more important things when it comes to Facebook.  One day I hope we can live in a world where they combine Messenger and Pages into the regular Facebook App so we don’t have to make an entire folder for Facebook Apps.

And while we’re on the topic of Facebook, maybe we should talk about their App for iPad, too??

On second thought, let’s save that one for another day!

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