Last week, reported that Andy San Dimas was kicked out of a Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball game at PNC Park. 

It still kind of unclear to me as to why she got kicked out of the game, but it probably had something do with the Unicorn Mask she was wearing. 

Hmmm....that mask actually looks familiar.  I do believe it is the Magical Unicorn Mask that you can get on  Not only is that mask on sale right now, it also has magical powers. 

Magical powers?  Yep.  Click here to read the reviews!

Anyways, is now reporting that the cop in the picture below is in some hot water.  Why? Look at the picture!

Is it me, or does this all seem just a little over the top?  Did I really just Google Unicorn mask that many times?  Will they ever be able to find out who the cop is?  So many questions!

Do you think the cop was wrong for wearing the mask and posing for the pic?  Let me know in the comments below.