The early bird catches the fish?  That was the case today!

It was an absolutely perfect morning as we headed out to sea with Bar Jack Fishing on the Lady K!  We ended up catching a trigger fish, a porgy, a chocolate chip porgy, and a vermilion snapper.  

Mark from Bar Jack Fishing showed my son, Ethan, some tricks of the trade.  He put the knowledge to use and ended up reeling in 9 fish total (3 were keepers), and I'll be hearing about that all weekend (I only caught 1)!

Photo: Bar Jack Fishing

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Today was also marked the first SUP Adventure for the Lady K.  

Below is an awesome pic of Brian Thomas with a Freighter in the background!  With a strong west wind and a light chop, Brian's performance was nothing less than spectacular! 

I got a lot of GREAT video the process of editing and I'll be posting it soon, so check back this coming week.

Thanks to Mark, The Captain and Crew, and everbody at Bar Jack Fishing and The Lady K.  We had a blast and I can't wait to head back out to sea with them.

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