Although Palm Beach County's teachers scored better than those in other large Florida school districts,  the local teachers union warns parents not to buy into the state system that evaluates teachers based on student progress. 

The Florida Department of Education released the scores for 150 thousand teachers on Monday.  Though the Value-Added Models scores were designed for teacher evaluations and merit pay, Palm Beach County has declined to use them. 

The local Classroom Teachers Association calls the scores "innacurate, meaningless and incomplete."  

Here's a statement from the President of the statewide teacher's union, the Florida Education Association:

FEA’s Andy Ford: “Once again the state of Florida puts test scores above everything else in public education. And once again, it provides false data that misleads more than it informs. When will the Department of Education stop being beholden to flawed data and start listening to the teachers, education staff professionals, administrators and parents of Florida?”

Photo: Thinkstock