Don't forget this weekend we're "Springing Forward" into Daylight Saving Time.

Saturday night at bed time, or 2 a.m. Sunday morning, set those clocks ahead one hour. 

We'll lose an hour of sleep, but come Sunday, it will get dark later in the evening, which is said to save energy. 

Meanwhile, this could be the last time we have to change our clocks, if some lawmakers get their way. There's a bill that could be heard this legislative session that would keep Florida on Daylight Saving Time year round. 

Two Democrats from Tampa and Orlando are behind the so-called "Sunshine Protection Act".  The idea behind the bill is that more daylight would make Florida even more appealing to tourists.

The bills are in committees within their respective chambers, but they haven't been heard at this point. 

If this was to get voted in this session, it would go into law in July of this year, meaning there would be no Eastern Standard Time in Florida. 

Photo: Getty Images