If you have a child who struggles with math in school, there is some new help in Palm Beach County. 

A Mathnasium has recently opened its doors in Boynton Beach. 

Mathnasium can be considered a math tutoring business, but franchise director/owner Keith Collier tells us his business does much more than that.

"When people think about tutoring, they're thinking about 'getting my child through this class or getting my child through this school year'." 

Collier says his business goes "back in a child's mathematical history, his concepts, their misunderstandings of certain math topics and we want to obviously fill those holes in and build their confidence and build their knowledge from there."

Even though Mathnasium Boynton Beach is a for-profit business, Collier says there are ways for kids to get classes for free.

"We have offered scholarships to different schools for kids to come and try us out for 3 months free of charge. In fact we've had kids take us up on that during the summer."

He says his business focuses on the longterm learning of math, including the controversial Common Core Standards, "because we know that's where not only Florida is heading, but the entire nation is heading toward that kind of standard so, we've already adjusted our curriculum. We continue to improve our curriculum, knowing that this is coming down the pike. Our job is to prepare our students for exactly what they're going to be coming up against."

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