A Woman With No Pants Successfully Steals Two Boxes of Wine From a Grocery Store




The police say they're looking for her . . . they say she's black, 5-foot-4, medium build, has a tattoo on her neck, and clearly hates pants.











A City in Texas Has Been Terrorized For Five Years by a Burglar Who Steals Women's Dirty Underwear




That's usually all he steals, although if there's some cash lying around he might grab that too.











A Guy Impersonates a Cop . . . So He Can Direct Traffic for a Funeral Procession




And he was also riding around on a motorcycle with flashing lights and a siren.













A Dwarf Drives From Kansas to Florida Without a Bathroom Stop To Meet an Underage Girl . . . Turns Out It's a Cop




That's about 1,300 miles . . .