A Guy Smuggled 40 Bags of Heroin in His Belly Button
They found 40 BAGS of heroin, crack cocaine, and Percocet pills . . . hidden in his BELLY BUTTON.

A Woman Broke Into Her Ex-Husband's House to Take His Stuff  . . . the Day After He Died in a Motorcycle Crash

A 55-year-old guy died in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday . . . and the next morning, his 52-year-old ex-wife and her new husband broke into his house to take some stuff. 




A Man in a Wig and Crotchless Pants Robbed a Sex Shop

When the manager of the store confronted him, he started attacking her with sex toys ! 


Two Cops Are Under Investigation After a Brawl Broke Out During Their Wife Swapping

Both guys have been moved to desk duty while the department investigates.