As we get ready for the Selection Sunday seeding's for the upcoming college hoops tournament, I know many of you are getting ready to make your picks against mine for the Million Dollar Bracket Buster Challenge! Imagine, making picks on this tournament that could net you a trip to Las Vegas!!  So I want to share some strategy of mine as we get ready to pick.

I like to pick my favorite to win the whole thing first...then I choose who I think is going to round out the Final Four.  Then I go through the whole bracket and put those choices in going back.

I like to look at teams who were either in front and then for whatever reason, dropped back a bit, like Syracuse. And then teams who seem to be gelling at just the right time like North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin.  This of course in addition to powerhouses like Florida, Duke and Arizona

Also, remember there are a number of coaches with great pedigree who not only make the games in March count, but have National Championships under their belt to prove it.  Billy Donovan, Jim Boeheim, Coach K., Rick Pitino, Tom Izzo...these coaches know what it takes and they have been to the end of the rainbow to grab that elusive pot o' gold.

Consider all these elements when making your picks...and don't overlook Wichita State this year like I did!!

Good luck...I'll post my picks come Monday.