Once again the major college football programs in Florida are predicted to occupy many of the Top 10 slots in the rankings, as we get ready for the start of the 2014 season.

Here are the schedules for the 3 major college football programs starting with the defending National Champion Florida State Seminoles:




Aug. 30th at Okla State


Sept. 6th vs. The Citadel


Sept. 20th vs. Clemson


Sept. 27th at NC State


Oct. 4th Wake Forest


Oct. 11th at Syracuse


Oct. 18th vs. Notre Dame


Oct. 30th at Louisville


Nov. 8th vs. Virginia


Nov. 15th at UM at Sunlife Stadium


Nov. 22nd vs. Boston College


Nov. 29th vs. Fla. Gators



The Florida Gators: (watch them on the new SEC Channel!)


Aug. 30th vs. Idaho


Sept. 6th vs. Eastern Michigan


Sept. 13th vs. Kentucky


Sept. 20th at Alabama


Oct. 4th at Tenn.


Oct. 11th vs. LSU


Oct. 18th vs. Missouri


Nov. 1 at Georgia (Worlds Largest Cocktail Party at Jax'ville)


Nov. 8th at Vanderbilt


Nov. 15th vs. South Carolina (the return of Steve Spurrier)


Nov. 22nd vs. Eastern Ky.


Nov. 29th at. Fla. State




U of M

 Sept. 1st at Louisville

Sept. 6th vs. Fla. A & M


Sept. 13th vs. Ark. State 


Sept. 20th at Nebraska


Sept. 27th vs. Duke


Oct. 4th at Ga. Tech


Oct. 11th vs. Cincy


Oct. 23rd vs. Va. Tech


Nov. 1 vs. North Carolina


Nov. 8th at Vanderbilt


Nov. 15th vs. Fla. State (at Sunlife Stadium)


Nov. 22nd at Virginia.


Nov. 29th vs. Pitt