One of my all time favorite Southern Rock guitarists is sadly coming off the road.
I saw Billy Crain many times in the early days of the Henry Paul Band and several times in the past few years since Henry reformed the band. Billy's speed was incomparable, but his style, his hesitation, his tone put him right up there with Duane and Derek in my book. Get a copy of The Outlaws 'It's About Pride' for a recent taste of what Billy (and Chris Anderson) can still do to keep classic southern rock moving forward. I'm pleased to hear Billy will still do studio albums and write with The Outlaws. Here's Billy with a classic live performance of 'Grey Ghost' from the first HPB album.   Drop down and salute the MAN!  Andy

From Billly:
It is with a heavy heart that I make the announcement that I am retiring from the road due to health issues. Wednesday, my doctor ordered me off the road effective immediately. It is a heartbreaking decision as I love Henry , Monte, Chris, Randy, Dave, Chris B, Nicky, and Little Henry dearly. Please continue to support this mighty band as they will carry the torch and we will be friends for life. Thank you all my friends and fans for your support, you have been amazing. Now may God heal me and get me back to where I need to be. Long live the Outlaws and may God bless you alll!!!!!!!
Billy Crain