Low-T, who knew. I thought being tired, lethargic, sore, apathetic, and blah just went along with age and my being overweight. Well I found out a whole differtent story when I visited the Physicians Rejuvenation Centers. I had a chance to get my mojo back and tell you about it in real time while it was happening, so just a few short weeks ago I went for it. The PRC on US1 North Palm Beach is in a really nice waterfront office. I met Brian, Lauren, Paige, John, and Dave, a bunch of really friendly, knowledgeable people. I got checked out and went for my comprehensive blood test, which revealed what they suspected from what I told them about my state of health, I had a really low testosterone number. Now hormone replacement therapy is a quite involved science with a lot of variables. It's complicated. But after meeting with the Center's Director, counsellors, the lab technician, and a lengthy and informative session with the Doctor all my questions were answered, I felt trust and was comfortable with my decision to go for it.

     NO REGRETS! Now just a few weeks after starting with the Cream it's a whole new ballgame. It's easy to apply (there are some cautions you'll learn about) and once you begin to feel the effects believe me you won't forget your daily application. I've had zero complications and I feel great. For me it's not just the physical changes, better sleep, more alertness, it's mental, I feel a real zest for life these days, a startling change from just a few weeks ago.

Please get in touch with my friends at the Physicians Rejuvenation Center, find out about how the many levels of hormone replacement therapy can have an enormously positive effect on your life. (And be sure to ask about their special introductory offer, a great deal.) Give 'em a call. 561-844-8188 or check on line at prcpb.com

I'm out there having fun again, you can too. Call the PRC!  Andy