'Please Be With Me' is the name of Galadrielle Allman's wonderful new book about her father Duane Allman. Though he was gone before she was three and she cannot remember him herself she has spent a lifetime collecting remembrances for all the people who knew her father over the years. It's out as a book and a 10 disc audio book that she narrates. Her writing is poetic, insightful, slow to judge, lyrical in many places, and somber in places where it needs to be. Well done!  

Galadrielle spoke last Saturday on the Mushroom Stage at The Wanee Festival. She was joined by Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks and later in a warmly received surprise appearance by Gregg Allman. Butch and Gregg interrupted the conversation to say "All those RUMORS you're hearing out there are just rumors, we'll be back!"

I listened for ten hours, five up and five coming back, and I still have three discs to go. Galadrielle told me it took her weeks to voice her narration, it's that deep and it is definitely more visceral hearing those words coming from her! Thanks to Karl for loaning it to me for the ride to Wanee 2014.

(photo taken on the porch rail of the Rhythm Cabin by Andy Preston)