(photo by Andy Croatman)

In April 1979 I was 9 months into my first paying radio gig in my hometown of Sarasota, FL. My station WQSR-FM had hosted members of the ABB with interviews, 'Coffee Break' concerts, and softball games. Most of the band at that time lived in the area or visited often. We played three of those games around that time. I lived in a house on Siesta Key with 'QSR overnight talent and host of 'Jazz In The Night' Bob Seymour, and Photographer Andy Croatman. Nobody knows the final score in any of these games, but they sure were fun. I owe my radio career to my Program Director at the time Steve Huntington who gave me that first job. These days Steve does the morning show for Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville from his home base in Bradenton, just a few miles away from Palma Sola Park where this third ABB vs.'QSR softball game was played. Since the game was 35 years ago, there were fuzzy parts for me so, I asked Steve for his recollections:

"It's April, 1979, and the Allman Brothers Band are together again. Enlightened Rogues is their new Capricorn album. The band's rebirth spilled out on to the softball field as the friendly rivalry with the team from WQSR "Quad 102 and a Half" was in full swing. Games in Sarasota, FL, at the field at Siesta Key public beach and and a charity game at now-gone Payne Park, where the Chicago White Sox played during Spring Training were in the series for the Mushroom Trophy. But on this spring day the action was at Palma Sola Park in Bradenton.

The score in the game may be forgotten, or it may turn up one day. It does look like a 'QSR win, with the post-game photos showing the Mushroom Trophy in my hands. Until the next time around...."

Special thanks to Andy Croatman for the photos, and to all the friends that made the scene."

--Steve Huntington


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