Here we go Led-Heads! The dam is about to burst. Here is what Jimmy Page has    been working on for the past few years: Read and Watch the press release:


Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown

  Live In Paris, 1969 From Led Zeppelin Companion      Audio Multiple CD, Vinyl, And Digital Formats, Including Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxed Set, Available June 3! 

                             (photo courtesy of Atlantic Records) 

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Led Zeppelin Band Member Quotes On The Track

Audio Versions Available Here:


John Paul Jones

"These were usually openers cause they made you sit up. Concise and hard-hitting"


Jimmy Page

"'Communication Breakdown' and 'Good Times Bad Times' – this is how we started off the set at Olympia, and you can just feel the energy on this. It’s wild, but it’s contained.


Robert Plant

"'Communication' was tipping my hat to the land of Eddie Cochran, the land of late-50’s rock ’n’ roll, but it was supercharged by absolute powerhouse playing. 'Good Times Bad Times' is the nearest thing you’d ever come to a sort of rock ditty. I mean, how did I know about the “days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man” and all that stuff? It’s almost Tin Pan Alley, but played brilliantly. And Bonzo’s bass drum work. They were just really vigorous, joyous, uncomplicated pieces of music, which were great fun."