Photo: Paul Sachse

Written By Cassie Morien for SunFest

Last night’s headliner Robin Thicke delighted thousands of fans with his devilish good looks and sweet, seductive sounds. Just past 9 p.m., the handsome chart-topper took the Ford Stage under a beautiful South Florida sky.

Looking snazzy in shades and dressed in black from head to toe, Thicke’s most impressive outfit was the one behind him…a booming jazz band and talented backup singers.

Opening with “Give It 2 U,” the SunFest veteran strolled out on the stage’s catwalk, toward the crowd, with his guitarist and bassist in tow. The crowd (comprised largely of smitten women) grooved along, waving red glow sticks into the air.

PHOTOS: Robin Thicke's SunFest Performance

Sliding behind a glossy piano, Thicke flashed the crowd his eyes and moved into “Magic.” It wasn’t long before he was standing on top of the beautiful instrument asking the crowd, “Let me hear you, baby.”

At his halfway mark, the singer strolled off stage for a few minutes and let his brassy band steal the spotlight.

Thicke performed “Take It Easy On Me,” “Wanna Love U Girl,” “Shadow of Doubt,” and “Lost Without U.”

“Thank you,” Thicke told the crowd. “I’ve been making music since I was 11 years old, and to share this music with you is a blessing and an honor.”

To close the night, the artist (of course) performed his most massive hit, “Blurred Lines.” The crowd moved, grooved and shimmied to the popular feisty track.

Thank you, Mr. Thicke!

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