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Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly says he was robbed at gunpoint earlier this week in New York City.  The rocker explained on Twitter that he lost his iPad, iPhone, passport, wallet, cards, "rent money in cash," and medicine for what he calls "intense medical treatments."  Rickly doesn't say exactly what the meds were for, but "Billboard" notes that the 34-year-old was previously diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Rickly adds that the case is currently being investigated by police, and also thanks all his fans for their support during this difficult time.  He says a few "kind and generous souls" have even made "donations to [his] bandcamp," which he notes were unexpected and unsolicited. 

Rickly is currently fronting the punk group United Nations while Thursday is on hiatus.  The group released their last album, No Devolución, back in 2011. 

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